CLMCROOCLMCROO is an application used for supporting sale and performing multimedia presentations. Support sale, perform presentations and collect information about Customer. Collect statistical data from the presentation process, analyse effectiveness of promotion and education processes.

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CLMCROO is an application which makes work of the entire sales and marketing department easier. The application allows checking and verifying effectiveness of representatives’ work on a current basis. Thanks to collection of multi-level statistics (e.g. time, number of activations, user - optionally place), Customer receives a complete set of information about correctness of presentation prepared with simultaneous indication of an amount of its use. The interactive form of presenting contents increase effectiveness of their provision and allows better arousing recipient’s interest. All registered data on use is presented in the form of reports adapted to Customer’s needs. The system ensures automatic update of contents shared.

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System functions CLMCROO

Administrative Panel

  • Creation of company’s structure and supervision of staff members
  • Creation of product contents
  • Creation of product paths (transitions between slides and defining non-standard transitions)
  • Browsing through information about Customers handing over marketing consents
  • Possibility of making multimedia elements available
  • Division of contents by company’s structure
  • Module of statistical data connected with an analysis of Customer transitions and interaction during presentation, analysis of the number of each material views, divided by company’s structure
  • Defining templates of messages sent to Customer
  • Defining additional materials in the form of bibliography

Staff member’s (representative’s) account

  • Possibility of displaying product presentations
  • Creation of own presentations based on materials made available
  • Saving contact data of Customers for marketing purposes
  • Browsing through multimedia materials
  • Sending individual mailing with own and earlier defined contents by administrator
  • Preview and presentation of “Bibliography” materials
  • Possibility of sending materials directly from the application to Final customer


  • Maintenance of the application on servers in dedicated collocation or in internal network structure of Customer
  • Protection of data transmission through HTTPS
  • Individual address and name of the application
  • Verification of rights of users logged in
  • Test environment
  • Technical support consistent with Customer’s requirements

If you are interested in the above-mentioned product, please contact

24/7 Support

Within purchase of the application we ensure support from a dedicated Customer assistant.

Full control

Full control over work of representatives.
Automatic update of presentation contents.

Easy customization

Thanks to the modular structure the application may be adapted to Customer’s requirements.

* All our applications may be adapted to individual requirements of Customer and processes which take place in their company.