We offer the best and most opimal projection solutions for our Customers. Our offer includes products which meet all needs and requirements of modern transmission of images. Please become familiarised with projection technologies.


We offer an irreplaceable Holohostess as a unique instrument of information, communication, POS and element making events more attractive. A holohostess may take any form such as: person, packaging, logo, poster. Irrespectively of selection of the form each holohostess may have software based on kinect technology thanks to which a user operates the screen placed on a pedestal

In the process of designing the instrument it is specified whether she is to react and how she is to react to participants:

  • reaction to gesture, distance at which a person is located,
  • texts which are to be uttered by her,
  • whether she is to invite to interaction on her own, whether to expect interest.

Irrespectively of the form the instrument may meet any functions selected:

  • tell about the place in which a building is situated, place for a party, fair, product
  • guide a person through the application, competition,
  • present information about an event, product.

Technology based on:

  • screen foils,
  • kinect system,
  • unique, easily adaptable software

Interactive walls

We offer a lot of solutions enabling display of picture, which will transform undeveloped parts of stand’s walls or ordinary monitors into interactive elements, enabling handover of substantive contents with a simultaneous form of fun. Through a game and fun this solution in a natural manner attracts all observers’ attention.
This instrument is an ideal element supporting marketing and promotion of brands.

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