Marketing and advertisement / Graphics

Our team will prepare, for your brand, graphic designs of any image and marketing materials needed.

We will help to build positive image of your brand.

We deal with:

Marketing materials:

  • logo and full visual identification for your company (rebranding)
  • basic and necessary business materials - business cards, leaflets, catalogues, brochures, etc.
  • offer portfolios, binders, labels

Graphics for advertising needs:

  • external advertising banners and billboards
  • press advertisements
  • animated and static banners for the needs of online activities
  • product photos (packshot), retouch of photos
  • advertising gadgets, calendars, holiday cards

Specialist designing:

  • visualisations of shop windows (visual merchandising)
  • creation of 3D models of Customer’s products
  • designing of fair stands
  • animation of all type - advertising, instructional

Our projects completed