STAMPCROOSTAMPCROO is an application making it easier to sign agreements and statements. Sign all documents without the need to print and carry current templates and stamps with you. Build the Customer base, browse through and control agreement expiry dates. Manage specimen stamps and templates of documents from one place for all users of your company.

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STAMPCROO is an application making it easier to sign agreements and statements by electronic means. The application makes it possible to sign agreements both on the part of Customer and on the part of Owner. The management system enables full control of the acceptance process of each agreement separately. The application makes it possible to fill in fields automatically during a meeting, and the system for control of agreement validity reminds of agreement expiry dates. The expanded Customer management module allows creating the Customer base and quickly searching for historically signed agreements. Control the process of signing documents on behalf of company based on internal rights and structure.

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System functions STAMPCROO

Administrative Panel:

  • Defining counterparty’s data
  • Counterparty base
  • Defining agreement templates (statements, consents, bilateral and tripartite agreements)
  • Possibility of collecting consents concerning data processing
  • Dynamic configuration of acceptance paths and signing of agreements
  • Generation of an electronic version of agreement based on loaded PDF file
  • Defining places of signatures and stamps, initials and data of counterparty on an agreement
  • Creation of signature, stamp and initials base
  • Communication with External customer
  • Sending an agreement through generation of tokens of agreements
  • Dynamic configuration of company structure
  • Preview of agreement acceptance process
  • Preview of agreements, history and contents of consultations between staff members of company concerning a particular agreement

Staff member’s (representative’s) account

  • Selection and initiation of agreement
  • Preview of status of agreements and their history
  • Browsing through counterparties
  • Possibility of setting down signatures by representative and counterparty by means of tablet
  • Possibility of pasting stamps (based on photos taken or from company’s stamp base)

Staff member’s account (lawyer)

  • Consultation of agreements with other staff members in company’s structure
  • Acceptance of final versions of agreement and making them available for further acceptance / use


  • Maintenance of the application on servers in dedicated collocation or in internal network structure of Customer
  • Protection of data transmission through HTTPS
  • Individual address and name of the application
  • Verification of rights of users logged in
  • Test environment
  • Technical support consistent with Customer’s requirements

If you are interested in the above-mentioned product, please contact

24/7 Support

Within purchase of the application we ensure support from a dedicated Customer assistant.

Full control

Full control over the process of signing agreements

Easy customization

Thanks to the modular structure the application may be adapted to Customer’s requirements.

* All our applications may be adapted to individual requirements of Customer and processes which take place in their company.